I was thinking...

about making a stitching/crafting/calligraphy/beading/etc wishlist. Not that I'm going to be buying much stash for a while, as I have everything I need to finish my stitching goals for the year (with the occasional need for random floss for ornaments).

But everyone else seems to have a wishlist, and I would love to sit and stare and daydream over the yummy goodies on my list. I WILL make an attempt to be frugal, but...I have OCD and have a tendency to overcompensate when I'm depressed.

The positive side of making a wishlist is that when someone asks me what I want, I can direct them to the wishlist...um...YEAH!

Hopefully, I can just LOOK at the stuff I want, and buy once in a while as a treat for finishing a goal. Or, it could go the other way...

...and I'll end up with MORE stuff I don't really need...sheesh!

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