Oh goodness! You mean...

I actually finished something? Really?

So I haven't finished anything in over a year, and I have a lot of little things just sitting around. I was determined to finish something before going back to school next week, and this only took a few hours. The picture is awful though, sorry!

Cross Stitcher in Residence by Lizzie Kate. Stitched on Flax Cashel with GAST.

Cross Stitcher in Residence

Yay! A small victory!


It's time...

to start listing things on ebay.

I have so much crafting stuff, mostly cross stitch, that I know I will never get to. I have hoarded so much fabric and floss that it's just overwhelming. Plus, I'm moving, so I'm trying to get rid of stuff that is just here.

If anyone is interested in checking out my auctions, my ebay username is xphiler2000.

I only have a few things at the moment, but I will be listing a ton of things over the next few weeks.