Can you hear...

my sighs of frustration? I'm trying to put together my neice's ornament. I bought some fusible webbing to put on the reverse of the front of the ornament to keep the single stitches of braid from coming through the front. Ok so far.

Then, I thought I would be smart and make my own cord and tassel. It's cheaper than buying them, and I can use the threads that are in the ornament. I see other ornaments all the time where the stitcher has made her (or his) own braid and tassel. Genius, right?


It seems that I can't even make the cord. It's a "simple" twisted braid that apparently only people with IQs over 200 can do. I can't get the dang thing to stop twisting up on itself.

I did manage to make a little tassel, but it looks...stupid...I think my little one can do better.

In between working on this stuff, all the while swearing up a storm (I'm so glad no one is home), my Dad's dog decides that today is his day to be really sick. I've been cleaning up runny poop all morning. I finally got out the carpet shampooer and threw the dogs outside. They can stay there.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a source called "Braid and cord making for dummies," would you please pass it along? Meanwhile...

...I need a nap!


Cyndi said...

I've seen all those instructions for making tassels - I refuse to waste a $.50 skein of DMC on one and will instead go spend $2 on a ready-made one. Go figure!

Sweet Pea said...

Have you tried this one from Cyberstitchers? http://www.cyberstitchers.com/Resources/FinishingTechniques/FilledOrnament.asp

Although, I've been scouring the ribbon aisles and sometimes I am lucky enough to come up with cording. I usually have the best luck at Joann's.

Sweet Pea said...

Hmmm. It didn't seem to work. Let me try this:


Sandy said...

Thanks for the link Sweet Pea! I think that is just what I needed :)