It's Giants versus Patriots...

on February 3rd. I watched the NFC playoff game last night, holding my breath and biting my tongue until the very last second of overtime. I absolutely HATE the Green Bay Packers and am so glad the Super Bowl will only be half a suck-fest this year, as I hate the Patriots just as much. Of course, if the Packers had won, I would have had to stay true to my conference and kinda root for them. But MY babies didn't even get close, and I was hoping the Cowboys would have gone on. Dad and I are supportive of each other's teams if our own team doesn't do well.

I was raised in a fanatical Cowboys family, and have heard many a time the story of the dreaded *Ice Bowl* of 1967. My dad tells the story at least 12 times every football season about how his 'boys had to kick holes in the ice with their cleats at the Green Bay end zone just to get traction. Of course the Cowboys lost that game, and that was one of the catalysts to Super Bowls only being played in southern cities.

Anyway, on the stitching front, true to my personality I got bored with Guardian. I was hoping to work on him all weekend and into TW Monday, but I couldn't do it. I did get a whole 5 days in on him though.

So, I decided to work on my sister's house ornament for the Bride's Tree SAL. Yes, I actually found one that I liked fairly well. It's a blackwork house, but instead of black, I'm using the DMC Color Variations I bought to do ornaments for Christmas. This one is various shades of brown and tan and I love this color! I may even finish it today! I'll finish my brother-in-law's ornament today too (I hope!).

I'm getting ready to get a haircut. My hair is almost to my waist now, but I'm going to cut it off to my shoulders. I can't stand my hair that long anymore; it's just a pain. Aislin's getting a haircut today too. She says she wants "beautiful hair." It's really cute the way she says it. I long for the days...

...when a haircut was the most exciting thing going on in my life.

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Jennifer said...

Officially I was cheering for the Pack last night, but a little tiny part of me was glad to see Eli do well. I don't care if he's NFC east and they trounced my Boys last week, I have a bit of a soft spot for him. Right next to that big hole in my hear my Cowboys left me with last week. When does pre-season start???

I'll be cheering for the Giants because I HATE the Patriots and would love, love, love, love to see their perfect season end with a big fat LOSS in the Super Bowl.