I think I've had a semi-productive week...

even if the week isn't over yet.

I got my federal AND state taxes filed, applied for health insurance for me and Aislin, and finished an ornament ahead of time (although I still haven't finished my brother-in-law's). Plus, I have my heart ornament picked out for next month! It's a hardanger heart, and I'm starting it on February 1st!

Aislin had an appointment with the ear, nose, and throat doctor yesterday. She has to have her adenoids removed on February 12th. I know it's a rather routine surgery, but I'm scared to death! She's only 4; just a baby! I'm worrying so much that I'm giving myself a migraine. But it's something that has to be done. She snores and has sleep apnea, she breathes and eats with her mouth open, and has bad breath no matter how much we brush her teeth. I hope it makes her feel better, but I'll be so happy when the surgery is over!

One thing I need to get working on is my calligraphy business. I have the business card done, I just need to make up a brochure with some of my samples and a price list to send out to stationary stores. Plus I need someone to develop a professional website for me, but I can't afford to pay anyone to do it right now. For the moment, I have a blogspot page for my calligraphy:

An Ornamental Quill

I think it looks pretty good for a beginning. I'm sure it won't generate much business as a blog, instead of a real store-type website. But...

...it's a start!

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Jennifer said...

I hope Aislin does well. My nephew, who will be 4 in August, had his adenoids done last year and while he was a little grouchy after the surgery, he did really well and it's SUCH an improvement for him. He can actually sleep at night now.

Have you thought about contacting local colleges to see if there are students that need website projects for credits? You may be able to find a student to help you with the design at a reduced rate, or even free if they do it for class credits.