It's been two years...

and I've finally gotten back into stitching and working on my blog. I had a very difficult year. My beloved Shadow died at 16 and I went into a severe depression. It has been over a year now, and I still can't get the hole in my heart to fill up. They say that time heals all wounds, but I feel like I will still feel empty for the remainder of my life.

I haven't been stitching at all. I just haven't had the motivation to even pick up a needle. But I did get the JCS ornament issue for this year, and I think there are a few projects in there that caught my eye. I also started Desiderata, which is something I've been trying to get kitted up for a few years. I have started the rice stitch around the illuminated G, and it was very cathartic to put even a few stitches in.

On the home front, it seems that my baby might have ringworm. Apparently, one of the parents at Aislin's preschool didn't think it was worth telling the teachers that her child was being treated for it. So it cost me 200 dollars for the doctor visit and the medication. So thanks a whole hell of a lot lady...

...I hope your hair falls out.

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