People, please stop talking...

before it becomes TMI.

TMI. Too. Much. Information.

Yes, I said it. And I'll say it again. TMI!

I don't care to hear about your bodily functions/sex routines/strange things you find in new places/gross labor stories.

I don't care to hear about what infections you've had and where.

And I certainly don't care to hear about your daily bathroom habits. When and how often you go, what it sounds like, or what it looks like is none of my business. And I don't care to hear about what other people feel is necessary to share with you either.

You know who you are.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Have you become so desensitized to everything that you are willing to share everything and anything with anyone who will sit next to you for 30 seconds? Do you not see the look of horror plastered on my face, or the fact that I am experiencing an entire body shudder from the visual images running through my head? Is my green, puckered face not enough to tell you that enough is enough?

Being a family member or a friend does not mean that I am open to hearing everything you feel a need to share. If you really want to be a friend...

...keep it to yourself!


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