Caught in the middle of moving...

makes it very difficult to find anything to cross stitch. Combine that with not having had time because of school, I feel like I'm out of practice. But last night I was determined to stitch on something.

I was trying to find the threads and leaflet to continue on Desiderata Sampler (see sidebar), because it's still sitting in the scroll frames and on the rolled-up floor stand. DS is there, in my face, and calling to me. But I can't for the life of me find the supplies. Digging through my stitching basket didn't help.

But guess who I find in the basket? My oldest friend, Guardian (see sidebar)! I have been working on him for YEARS! About 14 years I think. And there he was, in the basket, still in his stitching hoop (don't judge me!). I thought, "Naw, he will never be finished. There's too much confetti stitching. I've been working on that tail for years." And then he made a kind of mewling sound. And...guilt.

I brought my little (well, big) dragon to the end of the couch. Glee and Sytycd were on the night's agenda, so I figured a little dragon tail would go well with two of my favorite shows. I was bound and determined to finish the corner and tail THIS time.

No...it's not finished yet. But it is oh-so-close! Just a few more stitches here and there and some backstitching, and the corner that I have been working off and on for the last 10 years will be finished! I can't believe it! Then it's time for a picture.

I have never lost love for my dragon. I always go back to him with as much love and dedication as when I first started him. And now he's even more special to me because my cat, Shadow (died in 2006 at age 16) left hairs amongst the threads.

It was her one of her favorite napping places :)

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