Summer is finally here...

which means I've been spending more time outside. It's so green here that who can resist sitting outside with a glass of iced tea watching the kids swim and listening to the gorgeous cardinals in the trees around our yard?

School takes up so much of my time lately (only two more semesters left!) that I don't have much time to do the many crafts I have going all the time. Stitching is my favorite though, and I get a little melancholy when I don't have time to do that. It's been a favorite hobby since I was 13, and I have so many things to finish. Since I have no summer classes I am going to relish being able to do some stitching every night.

I have a lot of small things that I need to get done. Needlerolls, ornaments, scissor fobs. Things that will take little time but I see something new I love and start that. Talk about startitis! But plan on seeing more small finishes in the weeks to come...

...I hope!

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