More dragony goodness...

and another progress picture. This means that I have been working slowly and steadily on Guardian. I haven't been working on him every day, but have made it a point to do at least touch him every few days. Here he is as of Sunday night (as usual, click on the picture for a bigger version):


Why, yes! The whole right side is finished. Thank you for asking! The needle organizer has done wonders with how fast I am getting this done. I may not stitch as quickly as...well...everyone else...but the organizer has stepped it up. I was spending soooo much time threading one needle that I wasn't stitching much.

Instead of carrying over and continuing on the sky or the dragon, I decided to try out some of the knotwork border. Those of you who has worked on a TW know that Teresa doesn't do anything simple. This border is no different, though it does give the piece something extra and will be gorgeous when finished. I just think I may have to go back between picture and border to prevent my throwing Guardian across the room. I don't want him to end up in the "I don't love you anymore pile."

Lots of non-stitching related things have been going on here. Friday was my baby's 7th birthday. We got her hair done, a mani/pedi, went to Build-a-Bear Workshop, had Krabby Patties for dinner, saw "Ramona and Beezus" and she got a new "big girl" bike. What a long day but she said it was the best birthday ever! My teenager spent a half hour at WM picking out her sister's new bike: looking, test driving, comparing. She was determined to get sister the best bike ever, and she did a great job!

Also, an old old friend of mine was heading back to Colorado from Iraq and he stopped by NC for a few days. It was so much fun and it was a blast reminiscing about what our lives were like 20 years ago. My teenager was in awe that this man was almost her father.

Only a month left until it's back to school? I hope everyone gets to squeeze a bit more fun out of their summer!


Hazel said...

What a lovely piece. The colours are fantastic. x

Daffycat said...

Goodness, your TW is looking spectacular! Seeing this makes me feel guilty for not working on my Peacock Tapestry in ages! I should pull it out!