Why do they call Spring Break a vacation...

when all you do is work? We went to the Grand Canyon last week and had a great time. The canyon was breathtaking, and we didn't have to drive around because we went on one of the tours. They picked us up at our hotel in Flagstaff, drove us around to all the great spots, provided lunch, and dropped us off back at the hotel. The only thing we had to pay for was souveniers, which we got a lot of. We also walked around old Flagstaff, and went to the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert, both gorgeous also!

But it seems that I came back from vacation even more tired than before I left! Poor Aislin was in shock because she didn't get to sleep in her crib. Justin and I had her between us and for 3 hours she kept standing up and flopping herself down on the pillow. Not much sleep for any of us for 3 nights let me tell you! I had nightmares about Alyssa falling into the canyon because she's so jumpy. She jumped down the stairs at one of the lookouts. Good thing I wasn't at that particular lookout at the time or I would have dropped down dead of a heart attack!

Then of course there's laundry to do and a cat to console when you get home. I swear every time I go away for a few days, Shadow tries to punish me. Sometimes she pees on my bed or leaves a bunch of hairballs. Most times she just ignores me for several days, just so I know who the queen of this family is.

I've been doing more updating my blog than actually writing in it the last few days. It was a little blah to me, so I wanted to put a little entertainment value with it. I like it! Plus I've been stitching constantly, much to the chagrin of my students who turned in papers before spring break. I'll get to them, I promise! Since I don't stitch at all during the day until the girls go to bed, I stay up pretty late to stitch. I like the quiet after a long day. But I'm really tired.

I actually look forward to dying sometimes...maybe I can actually get some sleep then!

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