Old age or just plain lazy?

I just realized that it's been almost four months since I've posted anything. Not that there wasn't anything fascinating happening in my life by any means. I just wasn't feeling very creative for a while. I did finish my sister's wedding sampler, and got a model stitching job with Stoney Creek. But I've just been feeling withdrawn and well...lazy.

I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to have a child in my 30's. I had Alyssa when I was 23. I had Aislin when I was 33. Big difference. I'll be 35 in a couple of weeks but I feel much older. Where on earth did I get the energy when I was 23? I had tons of it then. Sleep? Who needed it? Now I feel like an old, tired lady who could sleep for 3 weeks. Not that I don't work just as hard to be a mom to Aislin. I'm a great mom! It just seems much harder to keep up with her than I did with Alyssa.

Which brings me to what I have been thinking about for a few months...I think I am going to go back to school to get an alternative teaching license. I do have an MA in literature and have been teaching college freshman composition for 7 years. But since I live in such a small town, full-time teaching positions are at a minimum. A couple classes a semester doesn't cut it anymore. I don't get any benefits, and the pay is very low. 1200 dollars per class per semester does nothing more than depress me, because I have to use credit cards a lot and after bills are paid there's very little, if any, money left over. But if I go get a license, I will have full-time employment with benefits, and still be able to teach a night class if I feel like it. I will only have to take 6 classes and do a semester of student teaching here in the high school and will get an alternative license to teach public school. Then I just have to teach for 3 years under the supervison of a mentor and will be granted a "regular" license with all the perks. I'd rather do that then take a bunch of education classes.

I haven't discussed it with DH yet. He's been pretty busy at work and just comes home and falls asleep. Poor baby.

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