Who would call their blog a litter box? Me...that's who.

Well here it is...my first post as a blogger. Why? Why not? Why can't I bitch and moan at something other than my husband and mother? At least no one gets hurt right? Anyway...you're probably wondering why I named my blog after the most disgusting aspect of owning a cat. Even if you aren't...I'll fill you in anyway. You see, I carry a lot of baggage, or as I would call it, a bunch of crap. Where else does the kitty crap go? You see where I'm going with this? And it's not as if you don't find interesting things in the litter box. Yes that sounds horribly gross and no I don't go rooting around in there. It's just that since I have had children (Alyssa is almost 11 years old and Aislin is 15 months old) I have found some things that just don't belong in the cat box. Socks. Toys. Cookies. Bottles. I'm hoping something interesting will show up in this litter box along with all the crap. At least I'll give it a try.

And by the way...for the person who has registered themselves as "Shadowkitty," thank you for stealing my name. No it's not copyrighted or anything like that. It's just that I have gone by no other nickname than shadowkitty for the last 9 years. Copycat.

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