Where did you go...

2009? I feel like time is flying by!

I started school full time this semester, and it's taking all of my time. I intern in an elementary school two days a week, and do classes the rest of the time. This is sucking up all of my free time, but I think I may be more obsessive with it than I should be. I got good grades this semester (3 As and a B) but is that worth losing time with my girls and time to myself? I have learned the hard way that I can't go like I could in my 20s, and it's time I took a look at my life.

I will be 40 soon, and my oldest will be 16 in less than a month. Getting the certification for teaching will be so worth economically, but is it worth missing out on my girls growing up? Is it worth my health and emotional well being? I don't really think so anymore.

There are changes coming. It's a reality check...

...and my reality is going to be much different than it has been!

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