No thread means...

I had to go to an LNS downtown and order thread for my heart. So that means I am almost 3 months behind on the Bride's Tree SAL. I'm very irritated and disappointed, as the person I ordered from originally has been my ONS for many years. She has always been very dedicated to the best service and has always been very fast. I'm not sure what happened but I won't be ordering from her again.

I did finish the first section of Desiderata and took a picture. Hopefully sometime today I will get it off of my camera. I am going to start the wrapping on the heart and get a scan of that up. I have also been working on my niece's birth sampler, which is not difficult. It's a lot of white on white though. But it's going to be very pretty and dainty. I have been put way behind, between helping my mother with her classes and working on that book.

Spring has finally come to North Carolina (I think!) and we have had a few nice days. The trees are blooming and the Japanese maples outside the house look amazing! I always feel better mentally and physically when things start blossoming again, like we have come out of purgatory or something. Maybe not the best comparison, but there's nothing like seeing the first hummingbird of the year flittering around the empty feeders.

I am determined to get a good picture of a cardinal this year!

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