I can't believe...

that February is almost gone already! Things have been so hectic and chaotic around here that I haven't had time to do much of anything. And forget about finishing anything.

My baby had her surgery on the 12th. The doctor went ahead and took out her tonsils along with the adenoids because they were bigger than what she thought. Plus her adenoids took up about 75 percent of her airway. My poor little baby girl did NOT do well after the surgery. She refused to eat and cried a lot of the time. Mostly she just wanted to snuggle in my lap. She started vomiting and couldn't keep down anything. She lost almost 5 pounds, and my whole family was beside themselves as to what to do. We thought she was going to have to go back to the hospital.

Luckily, she had no bleeding, just a ton of pain. She missed a week of school, and then I slowly got her back in for just a couple of hours for a few days. She still has a little bit of pain, but her throat is looking much better! Thank you so much to everyone who sent encouragement and prayers!

It's really difficult to edit a book when a 4 1/2 year old wants to be in your lap for two weeks, so I'm behind on both of my books. I've also started training to teach online courses, so that takes up most of my evenings. I have this week of training, then a week break, then two more weeks of training. But I would like if possible to get both of my books out by mid-March. Keeping my fingers crossed!

On the stitching side, I have gotten to stitch a bit on Desiderata. Within the next couple of days I will post a picture of the first section. I have to say that I love it and it's looking gorgeous! I'm really enjoying this piece. Still waiting on my thread for my hardangar heart for the Bride's Tree SAL though :(

For the first time, I have been tagged by Olenka.

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Here a 7 weird or random facts about me:

1. My eyes are two different colors. They are both blue, but the left one is blue on the bottom half and greenish gold on the top half. A doctor told me that one day my left eye could very well become all greenish gold.

2. I have five tattoos and two piercings (not my ears).

3. I absolutely hate the smell and taste of celery. It tastes like soap to me. So of course my parents make everything with celery!

4. I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was in preschool. Until I got to college and couldn't pass chemistry.

5. I wanted to see the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre when I was five years old. I haven't lost my love of horror movies one bit!

6. I'm obsessive about my handwriting. I had trouble finishing things in school because I would restart everything if I didn't like my handwriting. Unfortunately, that has crossed over into much everything else I do.

7. The first car I bought was a little green Ford Festiva. They don't even make those any more! I named it "Little Green Roach-Mobile." How lame.

I won't tag anyone, because most people I know have already been tagged for this one. But if you are reading this and haven't been tagged...

...you are now!

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