Normally I don't feed into this type of thing...

but I can't stand by and just watch anymore.

I'm talking about Tom Cruise and his behavior and comments as of late. The man is becoming dangerous and a threat to the public. His *ahem* knowledgeable discussion with Matt Lauer recently about mental health and medication is irresponsible and self-serving.

You can read a transcript of the interview here:


His condescending, holier-than-though attitude with Matt Lauer was enough to make me vomit.

His attack on Brooke Shields, who was very courageous to come forward and share her ordeal with post-partum depression, was ignorant and hateful. How can he not see that there are people who look up to him and will follow what he says just because he's TOM CRUISE? Does he not think about the repercussions of what his comments will mean to people who desperately need help?

I am one person who has suffered from a lifetime of depression and suicide attempts. And I suffered from severe post-partum depression when my oldest daughter was born. Anti-depressants have saved my life. Anti-depressants have helped me to get out of bed and have the courage to face the day. And anti-depressants have assured that Aislin and Alyssa will have a mommy to see them grow up. Would he tell them to their little faces that "mommy just needs to take more vitamins"?

I have signed a petition that says I am boycotting "War of the Worlds." As someone with a degree in English, I am sorry to say that I am not going to see a movie that I was so looking forward to. I love and respect Steven Spielberg, and I am sorry that Tom Cruise's behavior will affect his movie. But this is my political stand against a dangerous, uneducated, and narcissitic "man" who spouts his trash to the public.

There are people out there who say that Tom Cruise has a right to speak about anything he wants, and we don't have to listen. I agree to a point. As a public figure I believe he has a responsibility, like a parent or a teacher, to think about who might be listening. And I for one would not want my children to hear his opinions.

If you agree that Tom Cruise's behavior and comments have gone too far, please sign this petition. If anything, it will let him know that there are many, many people who have lost respect for him (if they had any at all).


And if you don't choose to sign, that's fine too...

...and I sincerely hope you enjoy the movie.

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